Hello Tripawds!

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I thought that i’d share my story!

2 days ago, my cat Dippy was involved in a car accident. His leg was shattered and his joint displaced. The vets had to amputate his leg (hind) yesterday and today, he finally came home!

He seems to have settled in nicely, and getting plenty of rest and some well deserved TLC! Any tips on how to help him stay calm and aid his recovery?

Thanks for reading,

Maddy and Dippy

Author: Maddy

Hi! My name is Maddy, and on the 10th July 2015, my cat Dippy had a rear leg amputation due to being involved in a car accident.

2 thoughts on “Hello Tripawds!”

  1. Hi Maddy, sorry to hear about Dippy’s accident. I’m happy to hear it wasn’t worse. Dippy will be fine with 3 legs. For me the most difficult time was Mona’s recovery because she ran around the house and peed everywhere except her litter box and she escaped from the house and I didn’t find her until over 24 hours later.

    Enjoy the time Dippy sleeps and give a lot of cuddles and gentle play when Dippy is interested. Mona enjoyed both a warm and cool damp wash cloth on her surgery area. She did not need to wear a cone but ensure Dippy can be trusted to not mess with the stitches.

    Mona’s favourite food during recovery was we kitten food that the vet suggested. The advantage of wet food is that they don’t need much water.

    Over time Dippy will need boxes or steps to jump up to his favourite places. It’s harder for rear amputees to jump up than front leg amputees.

    Hope all goes well. I’m sure you’ll learn more from the cat blogs. Let us know if you have any questions. Good luck and get some sleep.

    Kerren and Tripawd Mona

    1. Hi Kerren,
      Thank you for the advice, it is much appreciated!
      He has always refused wet food so is having his usual biscuits. At first he didnt want to drink so we added a few drops of cat milk in his water and he has now drunk a fair bit, we are now just waiting for it to pass out the other end :p
      Will keep everyone updated on how he progresses!
      Thanks again,
      Maddy and Dippy

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